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Volunteer Organisation – New Chairman of the board - the Netherlands

Tom plus Jan has exceeded my expectations. Working with them has given me great insight into the past and future of the organisation. I would recommend them to every owner or board.


This program really made me dream how my business might develop. I became curious how my business can benefit from this.

Marketing Firm – Partner - the Netherlands

Tom plus Jan really identified the turning point of what I really needed but also what the business needed.
The special approach really brought back the inspiration not only for business but also my life.

Import and Distribution Business – Owner - USA

Tom plus Jan helped me understand and identify my keystones in business and in my personal life. They each had their own, well defined roles that was and still is so beneficial to my transition process.

Tom plus Jan

Middenstraat 101
The Netherlands

Tom Hallowes
+31 6 10557888

Jan Bruijnincx
+31 6 23940519

Tom plus Jan is listed in the Chamber of Commerce, Utrecht
Company number: 68432909