For whom do we work?

Tom plus Jan focuses on the key owner or leader of a business; those with the entrepreneurial spirit. These entrepreneurial types play an important part in inspiring the organisation. Thus, their own development strongly determines the development of the company they work in.

Sometimes the entrepreneur is at a crossroads his or her career or he or she is looking for a new role within the company. In other cases, the entrepreneur wants to transfer or sell his business in an appropriate manner to a new generation or external party.

Typical Business Issues that we work on:
  • How do I increase the chance that the company will remain after my (partial) departure?
  • What are the major changes in the industry? (e.g. ICT, regulation, competition, internationalization …)
  • What should I do with the changing market position? (e.g. the company was the pioneer but is now one of the many providers).
  • Is the company too dependent on me as an entrepreneur or leader?
Typical Personal Issues that we work on:
  • I miss the inspiration as a business leader; how do I get it back?
  • There are more important things in life; how do I create quality time?
  • I have new ideas; how can I go after these but still be part of the business?
  • I want to transfer my company’s “soul” so that others can continue the success.
  • Does my business really need me? Am I a help or a hindrance?