How we work?

At Tom plus Jan, we have a unique approach in our coaching and consulting. As our client, you are central to this approach. We propose to always partner with you to achieve your goal. We work in the following ways:

1. The intake

It is always Tom and Jan, who work with the entrepreneur. The goal is to achieve what the customer wants in the field of personal and business development.

The client may choose to talk with us directly or involve one or more stakeholders (family, possible successors, an acquiring party) during the intake. In this context, it is interesting to mention that Tom and Jan are from two different generations. Tom is often the sparring partner for the younger generation and Jan for the older.

The intake may consist of multiple calls. The intake is free if there is no follow-up. In the offer phase, a limited fee will be charged for the intake.

2. The offer

The offer provides an approach to the issues discussed in the intake. The approach provides information on the objectives, steps and method of the process. We often start the process with a multi-day reflection on both personal and business values, drivers and longer term goals. These can then be the building blocks for a concrete and dynamic action plan.

Our offer specifically gives the financial investment for the necessary first steps. Any subsequent steps can be discussed and budgeted after this phase.

3. The transition

In this phase, we execute the plan of action. Based on our experiences with our current and previous clients, our approach has a common flow:

  • The customer oversees the process. He or she determines what the priority is and ultimately how exactly the process will work. Tom plus Jan make suggestions.
  • The process starts intensively with a combination of several consecutive days and one or two follow-up meetings over a period of six months. Thereafter there is a period of months and sometimes years in which review meetings are held at regular intervals.

As a coach consultant, we work in the following ways:

  • We partner with you and build trust. This is not a short burst but a long-term relationship.
  • We combine practical business concepts, psychology and an understanding of personal intensions.
  • A human approach. This is paramount to our unique process.
  • We trust in our expertise. This is based on our own personal experiences.
  • We represent two generations so we understand perspectives across a business and the sometimes interesting dynamics between the now and next generations.
  • We have international experience across the world and have an incredibly diverse client base. This gives us a wide variety of perspectives that keeps us fresh and maintains a continuity in our own learning.
  • We stand by our mantra of “your business, your choice”.