What we do?

As a coach and sparring partner, we are involved in the taking of difficult business decisions that also have a personal impact on the entrepreneur / business owner. Examples of these so called “Wicked Problems” for the entrepreneur might be:

  • business succession
  • expansion
  • internationalization
  • making the company less dependent on you as an entrepreneur
  • employee participation
  • partnership with other companies

It is precisely the mix of both personal and business aspects that require these things to come together in a systematic decision-making process. In each case, we want to realise a concrete result with the entrepreneur in both a personal and business format. The following diagram clarifies which steps we take to achieve this:


Some examples of our results:

  • Personally, the entrepreneur has a greater job satisfaction, while his staff work in the business with more responsibility, purpose and more pleasure.
  • Personally, the entrepreneur can focus more on international expansion. The organisation in his home country has become more efficient and by attracting a Chief Operational Officer (COO) the company is able to stand on its own feet.
  • Management buy-out: with a number of internal successors and an external financier, a transition path has been agreed in which the final responsibility and the ownership transfers to the successors. In the transition, the departing entrepreneur has a well-defined coaching or strategy role.

Every outcome is preceded by realising a number of interim results. These are the results achieved in each separate phase of the change process (see diagram above).

Approach and Program

In our coaching and sparring, we work with a combination of multi-day programs and follow-up meetings that are tailored specifically to the company. With this approach, it is essential that each program leads to the actual desired change. That is why, together with the client, we formulate clear and achievable objectives and measuring points for both business and personal matters. We also support in devising personal and business strategies to actually realize these objectives. By means of action plans and milestones, we then keep the change process on the right track.